In the Beginning …

My first post to my blog. Yay !! A little about me…well a lot. I went natural because let’s just say I wanted to avoid having a nervous breakdown from constantly having chemical burns every time I got permed. Seriously I thought I would have a panic attack the last time I got permed 10/30/10.  Imagine that you keep going somewhere to have a lit cigarette get placed on your skin & you just sit there or you keep putting your hand on a lit stove.  You just let the wounds heal but then you keep going back for more !! Well that’s what I was doing for years.  Getting chemical burns every single time I got relaxed. It didn’t matter how mild or how strong the relaxer.  Maybe it was because of my fine hair…who knows.  I would have nasty scabs in my head that I would have to let heal and then in 4, 6 or 8 weeks I would go back & do the same thing.  Most of the burns were around my edges.  So my hair started thinning out in this area.  I hated my hair. It was always dry, damaged and uneven.  I was always trying to hide it with braids, coloring, weaves, wigs, etc.  I wished I had thick hair that easily relaxed.  I was envious of people who could scratch or comb their hair then get a relaxer.  If I even looked at my hair on the day of a relaxer I would burn.  I had a routine where I couldn’t touch my hair on relax day or where my glasses because they would touch the side of my hair.  If I accidentally scratched my hair I would have to coat my hair with vaseline or some other base. I would still burn anyway šŸ˜¦  My hair started thinning out in the back from the relaxer about seven years ago. Every two years I had to get it cut. It would grow back then thin out again. Here’s pics of my last hair cut…summer of 2010

It was like my hair was tryna tell me something…no more relaxers !! I wanted to go natural in college because it was in. Everybody was locking their hair or wearing an afro.  I wasn’t brave enough because I didn’t think I would get a job after college lol.  Well fast forward to 2010.  Enough was enough.  I never knew there was a Natural Hair trend/movement & I never saw the movie Good Hair to this day šŸ™‚  I just knew I didn’t want any more relaxers.  I was already a wiggy (in my Wendy Williams voice) so I started wearing wigs in the beginning of December 2010 until I could figure something out. I decided I would let the perm grow out or in the Natural Hair world..I began transitioning. My Journey began…


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