Why I Created This Blog

I have had people question me about why I went natural. I have some naturals ask me where can they go to get some of the styles done that I have done in my hair. I have had people make fun of my hair. I have had people ask me how can they go natural.  So I created this blog as a way to put all of my journey into one place cuz I got tired of my pics floating around everywhere on FB & twitter 🙂 Also I created this blog because there aren’t too many naturals that I have seen with websites, blogs, on FB, YouTube, etc with fine natural hair.  Most of what’s out there from what I see are naturals with thick hair & they get all the attention. Now I’m not throwin shade I’m just stating what I have observed.  When I try to find info on fine natural hair what I get in return is stuff about hair loss due to medical conditions or people complaining about their thin/fine hair.  Well I happen to embrace/love my thin hair because it is genetically me.  My mother had thin wavy hair and my father has thin coarse hair. I have a combination of both. My hair is wavy in the back & coarse every where else & thin all over & I embrace & love every inch of it 🙂 So most importantly I created this blog for any natural who loves his/her hair and has accepted it’s thinnes or any person who wants to go natural and knows that their hair was not thick when it was permed so it probably won’t be thick as a natural.  If I can help just ONE PERSON feel inspired, encouraged, etc then good. Even if I just need to keep inspiring my own self LOL




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