Givin a shout out to Tyga from YMCMB

So I’m on Twitter one day in August 2011 after I had recently joined & was tryna figure out why I joined in the first place…back then Twitter had top tweets listed across the top of the page. There was some dude name Tyga sayin somethin like ‘I like to give a shoutout to all the women who wear their #natrualhair’. So I heard of Lil Wayne’s YMCMB crew..I mean who hasn’t but never paid attention to individual members (not in my age bracket lol).

So this young man Tyga from YMCMB followed up his tweet with another tweet sayin he was serious to all those who thought he was jokin in his first tweet. God bless you young man. Here he is with another member of the know who she is lol

So why I have never listened to Tyga’s music and no offense don’t plan to I respect that he gave a shout out to the natural hair world.  What I’m sure Tyga did not realize was that this was for me a life changing moment in my journey. Out of my curiosity I clicked on the natural hair hash tag in his tweet (by the way up until this point I had no knowledge of a natural hair movement/trend, info on natural hair care, etc) I saw all of these people tweetin about natural hair.  I was shocked. I was literally in a world by myself up until that point. There were young, old, women, men, white, black, etc. all with one thing in common..natural hair. It was like the heavens parted and Tyga dropped the tweet from the sky (ok so that’s dramatic) but you get the point. Anyway now I got to see bloggers, website info, natural hair product info, everyday people just like me.  Thank you Tyga. Thank You !!

The first natural hair product line I learned about was Miss Jessie’s. I went to their website and loved their background story and that they put tutorial videos on the site. I liked that I could go to Target to buy their stuff and not have to order online. My first natural hair product was the Curly Pudding and I learned how to do my own hair (two strand twist out). 

The woman’s hair in the tutorial came out looking like this

My hair came out lookin like this

Ok well not exactly but my hair was a complete & total frizzy dry disaster** but Thank You Miss Jessie’s for putting that YouTube tutorial on your website. It lead me to…you guessed it YouTube videos on natural hair. My Journey was well on its way…

**no offense to the model depicted in this last picture or her hairstyle (dem just jokes)


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