So what do I do now ???

After wearing wigs for six months from December 2010 to June 2011 while letting the perm grow outta my hair I never knew what I would do with my hair. I knew I didn’t want locs so until I figured it out I went to a hair salon & let somebody else do the figurin for me 🙂 I had my hair colored (honey blonde) cuz I wanted to start this whole big reveal of my hair (no wigs) with a bang lol. The first style I got was a rod set. I had to adjust to not having all the ‘hair’ from a wig and just having my hair..a little fro 🙂 By the time I got home & looked in the mirror I loved it.

This style lasted less than a week lol. Since I had no idea of how to maintain my two-textured hair (perm & natural) I went to another salon in June 2011 where I had comb coils done. I had the top cut down because that was most of the straight pieces from the perm. I knew nothing about natural hair products, how to care for natural hair, etc. So sitting under a hot dryer, using oil sheen spray, hair spray for hold, gel, etc. was the routine at that time.
I continued to have comb coils for about two months until I saw the natural hair hash tag on Twitter which lead me to Miss Jessie’s, which lead me to YouTube, which lead me to learning how to style my own hair….

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