Hot & humid oh my !!

So I started off my summer doing my usual routine from the Spring..alternating between hair styles (twist out, wash & go). However this weather had the nerve to get all humid & jack up my twist out 😦


Notice the puffiness of my twists. No bueno. So me being the natural hair researcher I am decided to learn what I could about how humidity affects hair. In my search I learned about dew point. I’m not gonna explain because does all the splainin you need 🙂

Anyway what I have discovered is that on days where the dew point is high (above 60) my hair will get poofy/frizzy. I have decided to become a serious weather tracker & avoid products with humectants. This seems like a humid/high dew point kind of summer which means there’s a lot of moisture in the air. Moisture in the air combined with a humectant spells trouble for my thin hair !!!

My best style option so far has been a wash & go but I have also tried updo’s (didnt like–hair not long enough) and a bun for the first time 🙂


So anyway my hair pattern is coily & I have always wondered if I could do a wash & go using only conditioner (no gel). So on my day off (July 4th) I decided to experiment : ) I deep conditioned with Beautiful Curls (my 1st time using it) & co-washed with Dessert Essence


I decided to use a modified version of Kimmaytube recipe (aloe Vera juice, dessert essence conditioner & extra virgin olive oil) as my styler. I stayed in the shower after co-washing & smoothed and raked the KT recipe in my hair. I then quickly dipped my head under water bent over & shook my head, stood up shook my head & let my hair fall into place.

After gettin out the shower I let my hair drip dry. My hair came out nice & coily like I had used gel !!! So I did my experiment again this past weekend : )

To refresh my hair I spritz with water in the morning & claw my my hair to get the water in. I then bend over & shake. I slightly lift with a pick at the roots. At night I spritz with an oil spray & claw as a scalp massage & for shine.

A picture of my hair (Bantu knots in the front)


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