Afros…I want revenge & Natural Hair Inspirations

Everytime I think of an afro my mind automatically goes to the movie Hollywood Shuffle when Robert Townsend/Jimmy says “afros I want revenge”.

So anyway last year I saw that there was a woman who made it into the Guiness World Records for having the world’s biggest afro. I felt so inspired !!

Angela Davis

See I grew up in an era where afros were cool & ‘black is beautiful’ was IN. My earliest inspirations for being a natural happened in childhood.

Jackson 5 (RIP Michael)

Pam Grier

Don Cornelius(RIP)

So I decided that I might not get a Guiness World Records afro, but I’m sure gonna try LOL. My first time seeing my hair in an afro since going natural was in January 2012. I blew out my hair with a blow dryer on a cool setting.

I’m one of those naturals who doesn’t like heat so I use it sparingly. So anyway I’m on YouTube one day (well who am I kidding, I’m on the tube everyday). One of the vloggers I started following this year is ToyaBoo Tresses. Well she did this afro using no heat. I was like ‘I’m gonna try this’.

And here’s my results…

washed hair & put in twists on Friday..this is pic of hair on Sunday

after taking out twists

all made up

next day at work (high puff)

Thank you ToyaBoo 🙂 I have never worn my afro outside. After seeing my fro this time around I’m like ‘it’s time’ ( it’s gotten bigger–yay). So stay tuned for me sportin my afro outdoors LOL


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