One year since big chop !!

After I transitioned for six months I got a chop in June 2011 and then a big chop in September 2011 to get rid of all my permed ends.

My hair has grown so well in the past year for someone doing their own hair!! My last salon visit was in September 2011 for my big chop & a semi permanent rinse. I pre-poo, wash & deep condition weekly and I trim my hair (dust my ends) while in twists every 2-3 months.

My hair has grown faster being a natural. It would take 2 years after a cut for my hair to grow to a bob length when I had a perm. My hair is now longer then bob length (collar bone length) and all in one year !! I don’t take any special supplements just a Multi vitamin. I protective style my hair in the winter with roll tuck & pins, buns, etc (I don’t wear braids, wigs or weaves to protective style).

Here’s a pic of my growth: the top left is after the 1st chop, the bottom left is the next day after my big chop. The two pics on the right are around September 2012.



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