2nd Henna

So this time around I used a 50/50 ratio of henna & indigo. I used my leftover indigo from my last henna with my new Rajasthani–both from hennasooq.com

I did a one step process



I noticed my hair looks a little darker, not as red as last time. I kept in the henna for 3 1/2 hours.


Hennasooq said this was a finely sifted henna & I could tell because it rinsed from hair with ease & no twigs. Yay !!

I love the difference in color this time with the brown low lights & red highlights BUT….since I have gray hair the henna makes those strands bright orange…ugh !!



What is a henna head to do ?!? So back to the drawing board with my indigo/henna ratios. For the next go round I’ll probably do very little henna & more indigo to see if I can do away with the orange glo lol